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Hidden Talents in Movies and TV

Wed 14 September 2011

Whenever the camera enters a character's house, that character always does something 'to relax' or just in their free time, but they've done it for several years and they're really, really good at it.

You never see a character say "Yeah, I paint" and then see horrible, ugly, two year-old …continue

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Surlex is Awesome

Thu 23 September 2010

I'm not sure why I haven't seen anybody using this since Surlex came out in 2009. Surlex is especially powerful when using it to match Django URLs.

I've written several Django apps recently that had relatively complex URLs and Surlex has really saved the day for me. There are two …continue

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Browser-Based Javascript Libraries

Sun 29 August 2010

Today I want to talk about another idea I had regarding increasing both browser and server efficiency regarding javascript libraries.

There are a few major players in this realm including jQuery, mootools, prototype, and a few others. These libraries spend a considerable amount of processing time just checking the browser …continue

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Random math observation

Sun 22 August 2010

(x*y)%10=x%10 if (x%10)%2=0 and (y%10)=6

In words: numbers multiplied by other numbers starting with 6 have the same least-significant digit as before they were multiplied, but only if that digit is a multiple of 2. This is probably due to some …continue

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Berkeley Restaurant Hours

Mon 14 December 2009

As a college student who eats out frequently (my cooking skills aren't good enough for crunch time eating) and who is always up late, I'm always wondering what restaurants are still open in the area. In order to reduce crime, the City of Berkeley decided to make business close for …continue

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Flatten scanned PDF

Mon 14 December 2009

Recently I've been working for a website that has a lot of scanned PDFs. They need to make sure that they don't have the same problem as the redacted PDFs of the FBI/CIA. You know, where you could copy-paste the words out from behind black boxes?

Yeah, we had …continue

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Wind, water and sun beat other energy alternatives, study finds

Fri 12 December 2008

Wind, water and sun beat other energy alternatives, study finds.

Looks like something the world should listen to. Well, at least the most polluting country in the world (the USA). If anyone knows the candidate of hope's number, please let him know about wind energy's superiority over everything he's proposing …continue

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