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Cara ready to be tried externally!

Wed 29 April 2015

After months of internal use without problems, we're ready to release cara for others to use. We would be very happy if others picked up cara and made it work for them. If you've been looking at the Cap'n Proto project but were hesitant to shoehorn it into your Python …continue

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Cara ready for internal use!

Sat 06 December 2014

After about a month of work, cara (Cap'n proto Alternative RPC API) is finally ready for internal use for Chain Reaction Mfg's main project.

The features required are finally working (and tested): 1. Send raw data and structs over the wire (like everybody else). 2. Send interfaces over the wire …continue

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G13 Part 3

Thu 22 August 2013

After some time, I've come back to this and thought the next useful thing would be to add graphics to the LCD. While I've written low-level graphics before, it wasn't a pleasant experience so I went with a graphics library I've seen used before that had built-in support for fonts …continue

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