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Prelude to actually getting anything done

A few weeks ago, I mentioned I would be started this blog up again, and I mean it. However, in the past few weeks I hit a few snags with my personal hardware, and realized how out-of-date it all is.

I initially wrote out a thousand words on my current and new hardware, but I think that's more interesting to myself than anyone else, so here's the TL;DR:

My old desktop, laptop, router and phone were ~5 years old each, and my attempts to repair/replace them have taken too long and cost me productivity in the past few weeks. I'll be finishing with it in the next week, hopefully, and will have a modern desktop and laptop, a three-node x86 (+4 ARM nodes) kubernetes cluster, a longer-lasting phone, and a gigabit network.

After that, I'll be starting a project I consider higher priority than learning Rust, as it will affect my ability to execute on certain things personally as well as for work. More to come on that in the coming weeks.

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