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New Blog Layout

Recently, I was looking at the Wordpress Admin page for this blog and everything was responding slowly. I realized that Wordpress is overkill for this blog. I have under 100 posts spread over 7 years, averaging under a post per month, I don't need a full-blown blog engine.

Also, the bandwagon of static blogs has made some really good tools like Pelican and Jekyll show up, along with a good set of themes built for them. So I hopped right on that bandwagon (around 3-4 years after the bandwagon started, of course). According to Google Trends, the bandwagon showed up around early 2011 and has grown, with Jekyll being the more popular of the engines (likely due to GitHub's use of Jekyll).

Now that I've let the bandwagon run for a while and become stable, I've switched to using Pelican (I'm a C++/Python guy and don't want to learn more Ruby for my blog of all things). Using some nginx rules, I've kept all my post URLs valid but redirected them to a subdomain so I can control the blog easier in the future. As a subdomain, I can have it hosted by a separate system than the root domain in the future.

Now it's time to thank people for making this blog even easier to manage:

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