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Redmine/ChiliProject Gitolite hosting

This is another one of those 3-hour debug sessions that ended with a single line of code, all other changes being useless.

I was trying to setup my ChiliProject installation to use gitolite, but here's a gotcha that I think many people will fall into: most gitolite tutorials have the user as gitolite instead of the default git from gitosis tutorials, probably because they're being run side-by-side. Now, when you first install redmine_git_hosting with a git clone, the default settings cause problems.

Once the .git/ directory has been removed and the database migrated, your instinct is to run the webserver and edit the settings. So, if your username isn't git you'll go to and change "Git Username" to yours, which I'll assume is gitolite. However, if you didn't go straight to this page, you'll hit my problem: /tmp/redmine_git_hosting/ has already been created! Now, there's a bunch of references to git in that directory, and you'll run into this error over and over:

sudo: unknown user: git
sudo: unknown user: git
sudo: unknown user: git

But you'll never be able to grep for it properly because it's not created inside of your project, but inside of /tmp/. So here's the line you've been waiting for:

rm -r /tmp/redmine_git_hosting

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