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Forgive and forget? Maybe from your perspective

"It is the offender that forgets easily, the offended seek justice."

Seeing the current "tensions on campus" and the rhetoric from all sides, this quote can show you who did the offending and who was offended. This quote is derived from someone else's saying, but sadly I don't know the source any more.

The offenders will quickly say whatever happened is in the past, or that they're "old wounds" as if they are being the better ones by getting over the event first. It is easy to punch someone and then act like it was insignificant, yet it is hard to punch someone and both admit fault and beg forgiveness.

Using this quote, one can also discern the ones who are twisting the story, and in many cases fabricating an entirely new one, to make themselves seem blameless and possibly gain victim status again. When they do so, they also claim that the event is over and should be left off the table of discussions because they are over it. This is the offender forgetting easily, not the offended forgiving.

I hope this helps people sort the truth from the lies and mistruths that have been spread around in the past few weeks on campus. It is a sad world when stories are fabricated and people swear by them, despite eye witness accounts given by partisans and non-partisans alike to the contrary.

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