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Morning of 11/03

The Nader-Gonzalez candidacy wrote a short letter regarding Obama's candidacy.

In it, he mentions the Palestine issue that has enraged so many Muslims, Jews, and general Justice-seekers. He mentions how Jimmy Carter was refused the assumed right to speak at the DNC, to be replaced by Bill Clinton, a man who won a Nobel Peace Prize for his efforts with Israel and Palestine. Of course, Clinton wasn't allowed to speak about the subject Carter was kicked out for.

Not to only care about Muslims, Nader writes about how Obama has snubbed the poor of America as well. He speaks of the middle class, but ignores the poor. He says he's for change, but when you look at his campaign contributions, its the same old thing you expect for a Republican. Except he's a Democrat, so why is he getting money that would normally have gone to McCain? Is it because he's on the corporations' side of things? Because he is a proponent of coal, oil drilling, and corporate subsidies? Oh, and isn't Obama's support of the \$700 billion bailout bill controversial? Or does it only matter when someone who's expected to support the bill supports it?

I used to think Obama had some redeeming qualities, but I have lost faith in the man. Hopefully he proves me wrong in the coming 4 years, but that seems rather unlikely.

Dear Obama,

I didn't vote for McCain because he's likely worse, but that doesn't mean you're not evil yourself. Please prove me, a moderate, practicing Muslim, wrong about you.


Fahrzin Hemmati

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