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Crash TV Show Rap

I was watching Crash (the TV show spin-off of the original movie), and this is the lyrics of the song played at the middle and again at the end by "Panic" the rapper (actually the limo driver of the dead-beat producer).

Violent ain't what I wanna be, but this violence follows me.
Never had money for a PhD, now I get money when i make these beats.
Give to my hood, renovate these streets.
Speak from my heart, motivate my peeps.
Everyday a struggle, tryin' to find some peace.
Never had sh*t, never be sh*t, but I keep my head up.
N**** gotta get that cheese. Livin' the dream.
It's alright, but it ain't all good. We misunderstood.
So bound to repeat the same ol' things, same ol' ghetto.
20-inch rims on the whip, gol' chains and a diamond ring

There's more, but soon after that point I start being unable to transcribe the lyrics. I'm pretty bad at transcribing, so feel free to download the song and fix it up. If you do so, please send me the updated lyrics, as I'd love to have them.

Basically, these lyrics are of the type of lyrics one would see in early hip hop and the small branch of hip hop that remains from that era. This is not endorsing blood diamonds in the form of bling, it isn't endorsing spending money on spinning 20-inch rims on the "whip", instead it's endorsing a change from the bottom. Not Obama's change, I'm talking about the type of change that Malcolm X wanted and died for, the type MLK truly dreamed about not the crap we got, the type Freddy Hampton was gonna force out of America when he was assassinated by that very same America. The self-help change that arises with no external forces in a community of otherwise good people. I miss this sort of hip hop, this sort of hope, this sort of change.

Edit 10/30/2010: It looks like the song itself has been up for sale by Jocko Sims himself since at least last year:

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