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Post Soohoor

So, I'm now back and full of food. I'll explain Soohoor later in the post if you're interested in what that is.

As promised, my reason for attempting polyphase sleeping:

I'm a freshman here at UC Berkeley and an Engineering student (Computational Engineering Science, an interdisciplinary engineering that I'll make mainly into Electrical Engineering and Computer Science). And since I have and plan to have several time-consuming and hard courses, I need all the time I can get. I'm not sure exactly where I learned about polyphase sleep at first, but after reading PureDoxyK's posts on it and her experiences, along with the Wikipedia article on Uberman/Everyman and plenty of other places, I decided to try it out. For a few hours extra a day, I can handle some sleep deprivation initially.

I did several experiments (all-nighters) during my last two years at high school where I would stay up for at least 36 hours, if not more, and see how far I could go. Of course, the moment I got home and saw my bed, I would conk out, but until then I was very aware (and introverted) if a little incoherent.

I've decided on trying out Everyman (core + 3 naps) since Uberman (6 naps) doesn't fit my busy student schedule. Even with only 3 naps, I can't have them all at the same time since I have classes at odd times and the only chunk of time in the middle of the day that I have free daily is a half hour block starting at 12:30. I'd have to figure out how to sleep on campus, and I'm too self-conscious to sleep with an eye-blind on some grass in broad daylight.

Now to explain what Soohoor is.


During the month of Ramadan when Muslims fast while the sun is up, Soohoor is the time of morning where Muslims get up to eat before the sun comes up. Every Friday, the MSA (Muslim Students Association) on campus has a gathered Soohoor at someone's apartment.

Of course, the brothers and sisters (men and women, but in Islam we are all family) have separate Soohoors, but that is much better in most people's opinions. Each gender can make jokes about the other without feelings getting hurt ("Why couldn't Helen Keller drive? Not because she was deaf, dumb and blind, but because she was a woman." and related jokes: "What was Helen Keller's favorite color? Velcro.").

My schedule is 12am 3-hour core nap, 6:30am/pm 20-minute nap with my noon nap altering every other day between 11:50 and 12:50. This is based off my class schedule and Soohoor/Iftar times. Iftar, the nighttime gathering of Muslims to eat after the sun is down, is around 7:30 and usually goes till 10:30 each night (us brothers hang out forever).

Well, as above, it's almost time for nap #1. Kinda soon from my core, but I plan on exercising outside during this time so I'll be pretty tired.

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