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Polyphase attempt start.

As many people have written online, I've started my schedule by taking "naps" where I don't necessarily sleep, but I do get that rest. This is the first day of the extra naps after a few days of research into polyphasic sleep and the options.

I've chosen to undertake the Everyman (coined by PureDoxyK) schedule. With a 3 hour core and three 20 minute naps through the day, I plan to get an extra 4 hours a day and sleep just as restfully. The white noise from grelly is really useful as it keeps other noises at bay and makes the 20 minute naps really easy (Just play it and go to sleep. It'll wake you up within 30 minutes for sure).

Basically, for today and Friday, I'll be taking the extra naps and getting up from my core sleep when I wake up right away. On Saturday, I'll set my alarm for 3 hours core and see if the sleep deprivation is anywhere as bad as a full night of sleep lost (English papers in high school were time-consuming at the least).

I've gone over 40 hours without sleep several times, so this experiment doesn't seem hard to me. I've been "incoherent" without sleep plenty of times and each time I've felt more aware of myself and those around me. However, I was way more introverted and unsocial while sleep deprived, so I'm looking forward to seeing if this behavior happens while on Everyman.

I'll be updating this quite often with the extra hours in the day (night), so stay tuned (you can change the channel, I don't have any funny adverts for you).

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