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Failed attempt #1

Yup, I failed. Well, more like I aborted mission. It was Saturday morning, I had a bunch of math and physics homework and I was in a zombie state. I plan on doing my homework earlier in the week next time and trying again within the next two weeks.

Also, I had failed to wake up at 3am, but instead was awoken at 4:30 by my roommate for Soohoor (actually because my computer was playing music across the room and my alarm was going off, for the past hour and a half). I think I'll have to figure out how long my normal cycle is so that I can adjust my core sleep to include 2-3 cycles.

Game plan for next week:

  • Sleep the same schedule all week. That means 11pm-7am.
    Nap at the correct intervals. However, the 6:30am nap is integrated into my monophasic sleep.
  • Starting Thursday, shorten my 8-hour sleep by an hour a day, still napping half an hour.
  • Once my core is down to 4 hours on Sunday, stay with that until the following Thursday. Then shorten the naps 2 minutes a day to 20 minutes on that next Monday.
  • Stay with that until Thursday. I'll see where to go from there.

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