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WebOS's Weekly App Hack 10-05-11

Sat 08 October 2011

Welcome from the Palm Developer blog! Looking for binaries?

Having trouble posting your app or an update to your app using the provided sdltts? Either you're missing features or you want/need a callback from the method when it's done, or maybe you want only a few text strings in your app and don't want to keep generating them? If you use the provided sdltts, there isn't much you can do about most of your problems.

So I worked a little on re-creating the binary myself, I like doing these sort of exploratory projects. I'll put the diff and necessary scripts below, but first, here's the status:

On Touchpad:

  • Runs just like the given binary when used in their provided app in place of the sdltts binary.
  • Update 10/12/11: Runs in separate thread, thanks to unwiredben.

On Emulator:

  • WORKS inside the application. (As of 10/9/11 11:48AM)

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