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Enyo - Service Components

Thu 20 October 2011

A feature I totally missed before and only saw after reading the db8 tutorial. If you have a service that you call different methods of, you probably do what I used to do:

        this.$ …

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Enyo - Service With Consistent Parameters

Sun 25 September 2011

In WebOS, services live as long as you have an outstanding call with them plus 30 seconds. Once that ends, the service is closed and any data it was storing temporarily is gone. Therefore, since I have an app that needs the username/password of my user for all requests …

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Enyo - Auto-retry service timeouts

Wed 21 September 2011

Recently I've been working with service methods that either work or timeout, and timeout usually means just retry. This is mainly because the ajax call inside of them goes to a hit-or-miss web service. So to deal with that I started having my failure handler function call the method again …

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