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Pidgin Voice and Video on Windows

Tue 24 May 2011

Been working on adding voice and video to Pidgin on Windows, as of today I got it pretty far. If anybody can help debug the stuff from below, email me or just comment below:

(23:30:04) backend-fs2: Conference == NULL
(23:30:04) backend-fs2: Error initializing the conference.
(23:30 …

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Fixing python-purple for newer Cython versions

Wed 23 February 2011

I did another incursion into plugins for Pidgin recently and found a great project called python-purple (not for plugins). However, it was made almost 2 years ago and Cython's handling of 'x and y' changed to match Python's semantics instead of C's. This means 'x and y' returns either x …

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