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G13 Part 3

Thu 22 August 2013

After some time, I've come back to this and thought the next useful thing would be to add graphics to the LCD. While I've written low-level graphics before, it wasn't a pleasant experience so I went with a graphics library I've seen used before that had built-in support for fonts and images: cairo.

The latest g13 code is on github as usual and this time it has some example code for using

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G13 Part 2

Sat 29 June 2013

I've updated the code on github to include the state machine and some plugins I promised in the last post. I wrote it back then but, once again, didn't have time to post about it until now. There is an example plugin that simply activates a new state after a couple seconds, but the interesting stuff is in the OS and Chrome plugins.

The OS plugin handles using the joystick as a mouse and G17/G18 for left and right clicks.

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Sun 31 March 2013

I got a G13 recently, but not for the usual use-case. Instead of gaming, of which I do very little, I bought it for speeding up my own workflow both at home and at work. Since I'm not using it for the expected use-case by Logitech, their software obviously didn't cut it, not just because it's Windows-only and I run Linux at work.

Therefore, I spent some time with the various G13-interacting code that's already written on the interwebs and wrote my own Python code using libusb1/libusbx for it. I'll describe what was already out there to explain why I had to write my own.

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