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Django Models without Apps OR Everything Django Truly in a Single File

Sun 02 October 2011

This problem has bugged me for a few years actually, I have tried over and over again to use a single file for all of a Django projects' python code. This has proved very possible as long as your project did not have models, because no tutorial or howto online includes a model. Today I found out how to create models without putting them in a separate file and directory ( inside an app folder) so I would like to create the ultimate single-file Django tutorial.

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Django (Simple) Template Maker

Fri 16 September 2011

I was recently building an app that takes an email template and sends it to a membership list, and thought that I should be able to allow the users to make the templates themselves. The templates that I had seen for the past 4 years for the emails have been …

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Django + Twisted + IRC Server = django_ircd

Sun 27 March 2011

I've been working with Yardbird (Django + Twisted + IRC Bot) and I thought about extending the bot I use to do more than just log the one channel it's in. What if it logged all the channels? What if it was the main authentication route instead of O: lines and the …

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Django debug toolbar Profiling

Sat 21 August 2010

I spent the past half-hour trying to debug a problem that turned out to be from debugging, profiling to be exact. If you're doing a quick google for profiling with django-debug-toolbar, you may be tempted to use adurdin's Profiling Panel. I'm writing this to tell you to WATCH OUT!!

Now …

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Django and Stored Procedures

Sun 27 June 2010

There is no code to go along with this post because I haven't had the time or use-case to develop it yet, but it was an idea spawned from the ORM of Django and some maintenance I was doing in a PHP project.

Basically, Django's built-in ORM is awesome, but …

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