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C++ Templates I

Sun 11 June 2017

As anybody who's looked at Cara's capnp->Python conversion code, they may have noticed that I've taken a liking to C++ metaprogramming via templates. I started my initial foray into C++ back in '06 when modifying an existing codebase for a robotics competition. It didn't use templates, and for the …

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Pebble Development with C++ on the mind - Part 2

Mon 24 February 2014

Do you want to use C++ on the Pebble but sad that you can't? Well you're in luck! It's now possible! Continued from Pebble Development with C++ on the mind (Part 1).

All you have to do is alter the wscript file to enable proper compilation, actually. But if you want a proper API wrapper to the built-in Pebble one, you'll also want to add my pebble.cpp and pebble.h files to your src/ directory (and malloc.cpp unless you want to write your own allocator and deallocator).

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Pebble Development with C++ on the mind

Sat 08 February 2014

I've recently been working on Pebble smartwatch development, but I've spent the past 7 years in a C++ and Python based world, whether it was web development with Django, a C++ webserver, or a myriad of Python-based tools and frameworks. With C++ and Python, ignoring class hierarchies and many of the niceties of a higher-level language, a programmer at least has a few luxuries. While I can live without many, I'd prefer not to when they don't cost me anything, and there are a few useful ones and in this article I'll show how you can get them in C with minimal overhead.

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