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Error upgrading man-db (and others)

Thu 10 January 2013

When upgrading man-db recently, I ran into this unexplained error:

Use of uninitialized value in concatenation (.) or string at /usr/share/perl5/Debconf/DbDriver/ line 44, <DEBCONF_CONFIG> chunk 3.
Use of uninitialized value in -e at /usr/share/perl5/Debconf/DbDriver/ line 46, <DEBCONF_CONFIG> chunk 3 …

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SSH on Spotty WiFi

Mon 05 December 2011

If you've ever been a place where the WiFi isn't great and tried to SSH into a computer, you've likely noticed the high latency (lag) between keypresses and results. This is because each packet takes a while to reach the target and come back, usually being sent multiple times by your computer to the router (this is how WiFi attempts to not lose packets that got drowned out by noise). This is likely because you're far away from the router or there are up to hundreds of people talking to the same router as you; I've seen this on university campuses, corporate networks, shuttles, and public WiFi hotspots.

I recently got fed up and looked up the cause and possible remedies. One remedy I've found works is to disable TCP_NODELAY (explained below) only for these connections, which enables Nagle's algorithm and makes your connection quite a bit faster.

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Enyo - Service Components

Thu 20 October 2011

A feature I totally missed before and only saw after reading the db8 tutorial. If you have a service that you call different methods of, you probably do what I used to do:

        this.$ …

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Enyo - JustType-ish Functionality

Thu 20 October 2011

Yet again, here's another bit of Enyo goodness. Inspired by Preware, I really love it when an app accepts keyboard input straight off the bat. I don't have to click anything, I can just start typing and it knows what I want to do. That's what JustType is on the OS level, but apps should have that too. If you're an app catalog like Preware, why is someone typing other than to search globally. If you're an app with any sort of content, they're probably searching.

This is another mixin, which means it requires the latest patch to enyo's mixin functionality. Once you have that, just copy-paste the code below and attach it to your main kind (the one referenced in index.html) by adding in the mixins: attribute and setting justtype: to the name of the search field to use. Once you do that, all keypresses that aren't already focused will go to that justtype: field if it's showing.

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pygame - "video system not initialized" error

Sun 09 October 2011

I got this error every time I tried getting an event in pygame, so I had just put a try-catch and hoped it would go away. Turns out, the init check is done for almost every pygame.key function too so I got stuck. I spent a lot of time …

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WebOS's Weekly App Hack 10-05-11

Sat 08 October 2011

Welcome from the Palm Developer blog! Looking for binaries?

Having trouble posting your app or an update to your app using the provided sdltts? Either you're missing features or you want/need a callback from the method when it's done, or maybe you want only a few text strings in your app and don't want to keep generating them? If you use the provided sdltts, there isn't much you can do about most of your problems.

So I worked a little on re-creating the binary myself, I like doing these sort of exploratory projects. I'll put the diff and necessary scripts below, but first, here's the status:

On Touchpad:

  • Runs just like the given binary when used in their provided app in place of the sdltts binary.
  • Update 10/12/11: Runs in separate thread, thanks to unwiredben.

On Emulator:

  • WORKS inside the application. (As of 10/9/11 11:48AM)

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PDK - Minimum Event Loop

Sat 08 October 2011

I recently worked on re-creating this week's Weekly App Hack's hybrid plugin, sdltts. It was compiled for the device and basically closed-source, only mentioning the library it used. I'm going to post the necessary code to make it later, but first I'm posting what I found to be the …

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Firefox needs to invest more in Electrolysis

Mon 03 October 2011

I recently moved to a many-core system from years in a dual-core computer. When I moved, I continued my same Firefox habits such as multiple tabs but I started opening multiple windows too since I also have more screen space. However, it turns out ALL of these tabs and windows …

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Django Models without Apps OR Everything Django Truly in a Single File

Sun 02 October 2011

This problem has bugged me for a few years actually, I have tried over and over again to use a single file for all of a Django projects' python code. This has proved very possible as long as your project did not have models, because no tutorial or howto online includes a model. Today I found out how to create models without putting them in a separate file and directory ( inside an app folder) so I would like to create the ultimate single-file Django tutorial.

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Enyo - VirtualLists and Other Transforms in Toasters

Fri 30 September 2011

Recently, Chrome went to 14 and many people got background updates to it. Turns out that in Chrome 13, rendering of -webkit-transforms changed handling of z-index's. Well, that means a Toaster that isn't webkit-transform'd and has a background suddenly pops up on top of anything that is webkit-transformed, such as …

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