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Schedule clear: Check

Thu 22 November 2007

Sorry about the month.5 wait. I lost all sense of self-discipline as midterms piled upon homework and I just gave in instead of holding strong through it. My laundry piled up, my room became a mess, projects went on hold, everything became either study, eat, sleep or waste time …

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Attempt #2 scrapped

Thu 04 October 2007

I realized that the reason as to my failure wasn't due to low motivation or my homework, it was because I had low energy. That low energy was because I tried to start during Ramadan, a month of fasting, and the sleep deprivation plus food deprivation was too much for …

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Failed attempt #1

Sun 23 September 2007

Yup, I failed. Well, more like I aborted mission. It was Saturday morning, I had a bunch of math and physics homework and I was in a zombie state. I plan on doing my homework earlier in the week next time and trying again within the next two weeks.

Also, I had failed to wake up at 3am, but instead was awoken at 4:30 by my roommate for Soohoor (actually because my computer was playing music across the room and my alarm was going off, for the past hour and a half). I think I'll have to figure out how long my normal cycle is so that I can adjust my core sleep to include 2-3 cycles.

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Post Soohoor

Fri 21 September 2007

So, I'm now back and full of food. I'll explain Soohoor later in the post if you're interested in what that is.

As promised, my reason for attempting polyphase sleeping:

I'm a freshman here at UC Berkeley and an Engineering student (Computational Engineering Science, an interdisciplinary engineering that I'll make …

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Morning 1

Fri 21 September 2007

So, this is my first morning of Everyman. Basically, I napped at the "correct" intervals yesterday, and now I woke up after 3 hours (more like 2.25) of my core sleep. It wasn't hard getting out of bed at all, but staying out required the use of a sweater …

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Polyphase attempt start.

Thu 20 September 2007

As many people have written online, I've started my schedule by taking "naps" where I don't necessarily sleep, but I do get that rest. This is the first day of the extra naps after a few days of research into polyphasic sleep and the options.

I've chosen to undertake the …

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