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Another reminder about the debt ceiling

Tue 01 October 2013

The debt ceiling is  not the cause of the current government shutdown, nor will not increasing it benefit anyone. Instead, passing a proper budget would end the shutdown and could change the situation around the multi-trillion dollar debt.

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Mere Multiplication

Mon 29 December 2008

Since you all know what happened, what I say would likely be a repeat, so I won't say anything. I'll simply link to a music video, its lyrics, and a sample that can be used as a ringtone.

Music Video



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The UN recommends: The Nahjul Balagha

Fri 12 December 2008

Today I was looking in the New World Encyclopedia and I noticed a small reference to the United Nations with a broken link. I decided to investigate and I found the 2002 Arab Human Development Report (alternative PDF, should be same content, but haven't checked). At first this seems quite …

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Morning of 11/03

Sun 09 November 2008

The Nader-Gonzalez candidacy wrote a short letter regarding Obama's candidacy.

In it, he mentions the Palestine issue that has enraged so many Muslims, Jews, and general Justice-seekers. He mentions how Jimmy Carter was refused the assumed right to speak at the DNC, to be replaced by Bill Clinton, a man …

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Election Day

Tue 04 November 2008

It's Election day! For those of you interested, I created a small election watcher. Have fun!

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